andy and norman still killing everyone with their bromance (◕‿◕✿)


wesleyaccola saidThis was me btw, I don’t know why it went as anon XD

Such late reply, I read it yesterday but I have actually been studying a bit, y’all! But LMAO!! Maybe you ticked the anonymous box from the excitement? I gotta say, watching (or more like listening, I haven’t checked if there’s a better vid) Paul actually saying it was freaking awesome, the whole panel was hilarious, but him bringing up Steroline and saying he enjoys it when nobody asked him about it… my expectations are officially higher than they should be. YOU HAVE ONE JOB (LOL, no, you actually don’t, Trollie Plec!), DO NOT SCREW IT UP!

LOST || Sawyer and Juliet Scenes (5x08)

he breaks when she turns away….

Everyone dies sometime, kiddo.

you don’t have to pretend with me

ats meme: nine scenes
i can’t stay. this isn’t me anymore



The Cinematic Orchestra ft Patrick Watson - To Build A Home

And I built a home
For you
For me

Until you disappeared
From me
From you

shaking and crying

**Downton Abbey spoilers**

I can’t stop crying and I hate everything, I do. This isn’t fair, why do showrunners hate the people that watch their shows? I don’t get it.

I remember a case in ER with twins that broke me forever, and now again. Tom, Thomas, Matthew, Mary, Edith, Cora, Lady Grantham, Daisy, Carson, everyone, I freaking can’t. And they were all watching and unable to do anything, and it was just so sad, and I hate everything, I do.

“You left them alone with Ben. Did you even stop and hesitate? Did it hurt?”