Clark & Lois - “Pandora”
This dream just got ten times brighter.
Bucky & Steve ► Don't Fall Without Me {listen} {gifset}
Mikky Ekko - "Pull Me Down" // VAST - "Don't Take Your Love Away" // Athlete - "Wires" // OneRepublic - "Something I Need" // The Boxer Rebellion - "Promises" // Penn Badgley - "Once I Was" // Red - "Pieces" // Rosi Golan Feat. William Fitzsimmons - "Hazy" // Daughter - "Shallows" // Snow Patrol - "Open Your Eyes"

James Young and Aaron Toney talk about Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier
James, after being kicked onto the Bronco: I have to walk after [Sam] (Chris’s stuntman) to overlap the action. I didn’t walk in a straight line. I walked down the street, that way, Sam had to come and get me.
Trying to look badass while—
Yeah! I’m trying to walk like Sebastian…

10 years of LOST
Fear's sort of an odd thing...
What you’re feeling now is the unstoppable force…
Captain America: The First Avenger Premiere
Adam Ruzek & Kim Burgess
↳ Chicago P.D. ~ “A Material Witness” V
Dair + Ten word poem
The Avengers + Colours
Captain America Stars Discuss Why The Ladies Should See The Film