If the GoT thing is what I think it is... /hug I threw the book across the room when that happened. Deep breaths. <3

Thank you *hugs*

Maybe he kills people so that readers will destroy the books in rage and have to buy them again?

Now I feel like you all aren’t sure what I’m talking about because there’s a ton of awful things that are coming and it’s gonna hurt SFM… watching GoT was another one of my brilliant decisions, well done, Manu, you outdo yourself each step of the way!


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omg your tags hahahah

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You always have the best tags lol

I’m glad my pain amuses you :P


dairingoriental answered your question: Jon :’(

Shit you are already in season 2! Good girl :-). And yes Arya/Gendry are so shippable!

Yeah, took me nothing at all, shocking! And yay that they are!

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You are going to hell just like the rest of us. :)

Good, you’ll all keep me company :D

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To be fair, asha greyjoy is supposed to be smoking hot… and she gave him a fake ass name in the book.

Oh, but the actress was pretty! Anyway, I guess it had to happen so that we get a sense of how apart Theon and his real family grew.

Just finished watching Delpo and Federer’s match (Couldn’t watch all of it cause I had to drop the assignments, but the best point I saw went to Delpo and I need a gif of it because it was so shiny!), and now I’m gonna go find out what happened to my dear Jon.