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New Girl gives me so many feels

Superficially, you can watch it, laugh and end it there, but I can’t do that, I have to analyse every bit of it. Last night’s was such a hilarious episode, but it also gave me ALL THE EMOTIONS and I cannot hold them in.

I love everyone, and everyone’s relationships, and everything this series chooses to be. All the characters have underlying issues that can be easily ignored because they are hidden behind their comedic traits. But in every episode you have a moment where it’s all unravelled, and it just hurts my heart, IDK what to do!!! (this extreme reaction to good TV may be a side effect of watching Gossip Girl, since there was no Castle and no Revolution on Monday to cleanse)

Let’s take Nick: he doesn’t know how to reciprocate Schmidt’s affection because, as he says, he doesn’t think he deserves it. And THAT GAVE ME SO MANY FEELS, PLEASE SEND HELP!!! His conversation with Jess was just too much, of course you’re a good friend, omg bb I love you so much, let me hug you!!!!

But then there’s Schmidt, who is ALWAYS giving love and trying to please people, and I’m not a psychologist, but the reason behind it is pretty obvious. So you have these two amazing guys questioning their bromance, and they are both screwed up, in different ways, but they kind of complement each other, and so their friendship makes sense and works.

Or, maybe, I’m just insane and not making any sense, but I had a lot of feelings.

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

Letters of Transit

Ugly crying because it was perfect. ALL THE FRINGE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM.

It was an hour of flawless television. Flawless. It actually felt like a movie, it was just perfection all around!

The moment Henrietta came in, I just loved her. I don’t think I’d seen the actress before, but I could feel that she was gonna be amazing. And I totally knew it. I seriously did. She had the hair, and the eyes, and the attitude, and the powers, it just had to be!

And as if that hadn’t been promising enough, HENRY IAN CUSICK, YOU GUYS!!!!! DESMOND fucking HUME!!! And he was terrific, and good fucking lord, I need to see more of them!

And I gotta know more of what happened! They mostly gave bits and pieces when Simon and Henrietta (I ship it!) were explaining things to Walter and viceversa; which was a smart choice, instead of having half an episode of pure exposition. It was, everything, every single little thing was perfect! Walter reverting to his most-crazy-self, Nina’s appearance, Broyles spotting the licorice…

I started crying as Simon was laying out his plan, but then, the last moment… One of my all time favourite Fringe episodes, without a doubt. I loved it! LOVED IT! But what did Belly do to Olivia??? Are we ever gonna see more? Is this what happens after the season 4 events? What is going on???? I need more Fringe!!!

Klaus: I could let you die. If that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I’ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But i’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music… genuine beauty. And you can have all of it. You can have a thousand more birthdays. All you have to do is ask.
Caroline: I don’t want to die.
Klaus: There you go, sweetheart. Have at it. Happy birthday, Caroline.

THIS SCENE! So many feelings, so many, all together! It’s amazing, I can’t believe it’s actually happening! And the more I rewatch it, the more parallels I find between this one and Steroline’s in season 2. I’m shipping it so hard!!

2012, and onto Downton’s 2nd series…

Who was I kidding, trying to take it slow? I don’t think I can stop myself from watching more and more and more! I just finished episode 2, and it’s such a rush, all of the time! But I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year, series wise, so there you have it.

One’s heart gets broken and shattered and repaired and broken again in a matter of seconds, so that hasn’t changed…

Matthew, engaged, to that- person, I don’t!!! I, omg so many feelings!! When Mary broke down with Anna, oh lord, and then at the train station, ALL OF THE FEELINGS!!! She wanted to tell him how she felt, and I doubt that Lavinia, or whatever she’s called, really cares for Matthew as she says, and there’s that weird thing with her and the old hag…

Sybil is just beyond amazing, but.. OMG Branson! I can’t, he, “bet on me,” ALL OF THE CREYS!!!

It’s not fair what’s happened with Bates, so not fair at all! Anna saying she’ll never love someone else… That Vera needs to gtfo, and soon! And why isn’t Mrs. Hughes telling Anna the real reason why Bates left?

Thomas is back, that little piece of shit, and William’s going to war… And stupid Daisy, she better not break his heart! And he better come back alright!

Poor Papa Crawley, being all dissapointed at not being able to fight, and then Carson!!! I got so scared!! And are we not to see Gwen again? I really liked her! Ethel is trouble, but LOL at what they had her doing around the house. Edith… oh, Edith! Lang :((

And I need to keep watching, though at this rythm, I’ll be done with it by tomorrow… so get ready to have me moping around because of the lack of episodes and the long wait ahead.

Just finished rewatching Bad News Blair

Everything about it was Dair, and Serena was there to prop Dair, and everything was Dair, everything!!!!! And everything hurt!! But nothing hurt, too, because… I don’t even know what I’m saying!!! IT WAS DAIR, YOU GUYS, SO MUCH DAIR, AND THE DREAM, SERENA’S DREAM IN G.G.!!!!! IT’S SOOOOOOO 104, I can’t deal with this!!!

Serena is in, and Blair is out, NOT on the list, and Serena is stealing the spotlight. They actually tell her to “think Marilyn,” and Blair is complaining that she takes everything from her and Dan is there to listen to that. He was wondering what does it say about Serena that she’s her best friend. But then he deffends her and trusts her, and she’s dissaproving of his hair and his shoes, but approving of him. And B says it ended being a very important day for her <3 *all the creys*

I bet you’ve all seen it a hundred times, just like I did, but I had not rewatched it since we got the leak and it’s just too much!!! I need to, I don’t know, just to bask in Dair’s glory and try to recover my sanity somehow. But that’s not ever gonna happen, so I’ll continue to squee on my own over Dair’s wonderful parallels that are to come, and just enjoy how I am right about Chuck’s feelings for Nate, 104 is an ode to his love for Natie, and IDGAF, he loves him the most.


Must get terribly lonely.

#how can anna torv manage to have sexual tension with HERSELF

^THIS! I CANNOT WITH ANNA TORV. I CANNOT. I knew I was gonna flail around over Josh Jackson, and then she happened…