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Let’s make a deal:

Next time I say “I’m gonna start watching some Whedon stuff,” you just stop me, okay? No, seriously. Do it. I just can’t with him anymore. I’ll quote myself:

Wash FTW! I love that actor so much!! He was playing with dinosaurs, he won me right there!

he gave Mal blood… someone hold me
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So how does he do it? How does he know who the hell it is I love the most??? How? The show is ten years old, so explain to me how he knew I was gonna like Wash the most. It can’t be a coincidence, he keeps killing the ones I love the most, show after show. Fucking Joss Whedon. Fuck you.

And Serenity was so good, funny, and action-packed, and I don’t think I can review anything because He. Killed. Wash. A fucking-something went through him, and he killed him. And those assholes Reavers probably got him too, but hey! Let’s thank Whedon we did not see that, right?

Fucking. Whedon.

Ugh, I really want to review properly, here’s me trying:


he gave Mal blood… someone hold me


I felt the need to start with some new show, so here I am, once again, at the mercy of Whedon…

I’m a bit confused as to whether I started on the right episode or not. I started by a two-part episode called “Serenity”… and I know the movie is called that, but it was listed as the first, and it aired in 2002. So I just assume this two-parter goes before “The Train Job,” timeline wise, so that’s why it’s listed as the first episode.

About the actual episode:

Gonna go watch episode 2, or 1, IDK, I hope I watched it in the right order! I’ll probably be done by tomorrow or Friday, because it’s freaking Whedon. Probably not ready for the feels, I’ll report back!