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Cosign! Also agreed. without the what if triangle of torture is AWESOME! I’m loving Bonnie not being used simply as a prop for fixing other people’s problems. Plus, Her and Damon interacting and having their own storyline is kinda great! Loving S6!

Bonnie having a storyline is a novelty to begin with. I was never a fan because whatever little things she had to do were always completely useless, or Jeremy-related, or she’d only be relevant for as long as she could do witchy things and save Elena. Basically, she wasn’t a proper character, her personality was barely defined, and she did pretty much the same thing every season (she would have a witchy story that no one, including the characters, cared about, save Elena, sacrifice herself for Jeremy… repeat ad nauseam).

We all know Bonnie will do her witchy thing to get herself and Damon (and Kai) back to the land of the living, I can only hope her newfound personality will make the ride back too.

Damon’s not a good person, and that’s not gonna change, but he’s a more entertaining character with (thanks to?) Bonnie for sure.

Elena and the triangle sucked so badly that they sank everyone and everything with them. I hope TPTB plan on keeping it buried. Deeply.

We need to talk about Steroline

That episode actually happened and I’m sitting here listening to ~their song and having a stupid face about it cause asdfghjklñ and also cause of the still for 6x05, because sexual tension is EXACTLY what we need.

Stefan spent months avoiding her, can we start with that? While Elena had her memories literally erased, he was trying to do something alike, though in a different, not insane way. And it all goes back to his talk with Lexi, and that makes my heart go crazy because LEXI and also because I could be talking about any of his many talks with Lexi about Caroline, how awesome’s that?

Bearing in mind his need to stay away, go rewatch his face after Caroline asked him to stay. GO. He cannot look her in the eye. Go back to when he couldn’t listen to her voice so he broke a perfectly functional cellphone. Do it! Stefan’s such an idiot in denial, I need somebody to hold me/smack some sense into him/give me ice-cream for reasons.

You know who’s not in denial? Caroline, that’s who. She outright told Elena about her feelings for Stefan, and then tried to change the subject real fast, but still. I’m sure I’ve talked about what Elena’s reaction should be with Lint, and maybe here (I’ll check, if only to laugh because IT IS ALL HAPPENING), and it’s been great so far… Don’t fucking ruin it, show!

I should probably talk about how Bonnie is actually being great/has spoken more lines this season than all the other seasons combined, and how Elena without Damon’s memories is not a bummer, or how Enzo is a bad person for killing Ivy but also damn entertaining so we gotta keep him. Most of all, how great it is when that love triangle is not the center of the world, and how much good that does to the show and to the other characters, because it is great. The gloom of the triangle of doom is gone, and I hope it stays gone for a long, long time. And if it takes Jeremy and his terribly haircut with it… well, I won’t complain.

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Tell us who your favourite tv-show or/and movie villains are!


  1. Post the rules
  2. Write down a list of your 10 favourite tv-show/movie villains and post the list
  3. Tag 10 people and link them to your post. 
  4. Let them know you tagged them
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Hey, you! Yeah, you, reading this! Consider yourself tagged!

FYI: The order is just how they came to mind, and I took “favourite” as “most hated” because I only like-like a few of them:

  1. Chase Collins (The Covenant). The movie and the character are a mess, so he’s only here because my mind cannot help itself when it comes to Seb.
  2. Zod (Smallville). Callum’s amazing, so Zod was kinda awesome, bad, but awesome.
  3. Amanda (Nikita). Amanda was delightfully bad.
  4. Lilah (Angel the Series). I don’t think she ever fully joined the “good side” but I always liked her in spite (because?) of it.
  5. Benjamin Linus (LOST). I can’t forgive someone who mistreated Juliet, and he was just really good at being bad.
  6. Jack (Tru Calling). Does anyone else in the world watched this show? I did, and I loved it, and Jack… fuck him to hell for what he did. 
  7. Katerina Petrova (The Vampire Diaries). Much like Ben, I can’t forgive her for killing Caroline (or the things she did to Stefan that no one ever talks about), even if she reached some sort of redemption by the end. And she was soooo good at bad. So. Very. Good.
  8. Grant Ward (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). I was running out of people, and he came to mind. The reveal wasn’t entirely surprising, but the implications alone were painful enough.
  9. Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones). He was and will always be The Worst.
  10. I can’t think of anyone else!!! Help?
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omg sorry i should have been more clear. i meant a manip as in a picture that looks like they're together? like walking down the street or something? i just thought that would be cute haha

Aww, no, it’s fine! Uhm, it could happen, but I gotta find a proper one. Also: I’m such an annoying perfectionist that it won’t be done and published till it looks absolutely real and perfect, so it will probably take a long, long time.

hi i just fell in love with your danoline tag! your edits are fantastic!! do you think you can make a manip of them?

Thank you, that’s so nice!

Uhm, you mean another one? Have you got anything in mind? I honestly haven’t got anything in the works, but if inspiration strikes, I surely will.



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