❝They keep hinting at this thing between Caroline and Stefan, yet they don’t quite do anything about it; it’s funny," Wesley says. "I don’t know what to make of it … I don’t know how to take it from best friends to romance, but it’ll be interesting if and when they do it. I like when girls lighten [Stefan] up a bit.❞

Paul Wesley

Find out whether or not he’ll suck it up and go after Caroline! { x }


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Orphan Black! <333

It’s a great, great show.

lastwaltz1 replied to your photoset “Will we see more Caroline and Stefan? Ian: They’re pretty cute…”

I love that Dries mentioned that Candice has chemistry with everyone. So much truth!

Yep, no lies detected.

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Nice. But I don’t trust Dries or Plec. Not as far as I could throw them. :P

Hahaha, they’ve really done a number on you.

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:)))) that makes me happy ahaha (that my icon is very me i mean!)

Nathan Fillion AND Felicia Day? It’s you.


Will we see more Caroline and Stefan?
Ian: They’re pretty cute together, aren’t they?
Paul: I would like it to happen.
Julie Plec: Caroline and Stefan have a lot to do together in the next couple of episodes, actually, just by nature of the story, so, and they go through some stuff together.
Caroline Dries: Candice’s problem as an actor is that she has chemistry with every single guy that she’s in a room with,
Julie Plec: Yes.
Ian: Yeah.
Caroline Dries: and so you just kind of want her with every character on the show.
Julie PlecYes. That’s the finale, the Caroline orgy.
Kristin dos Santos: In the most recent episode where you said to her, “I would go through electro-shock therapy for you” and then she saves you, but there’s a moment when you said it to her, “I would do that for you” and her face is sort of like, I mean, I don’t know if it was the intentional or not, but I’m picking up on some sparks there for sure.
Paul: We shot a moment the other night that was kind of an intimate thing.
Kristin dos Santos: Are you rooting for that to happen?

PaulYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Kristin dos SantosGood to know.
PaulI like—Candice—I’m friends with Candice’s fiancé, but other than that, he might punch me in the face, but apart from that, I think it’s great.
Kristin dos SantosNot that pretty face.
Paul: Yeah, well.
Kristin dos Santos: He can’t punch that face.
Ian: Sure he can.
Paul: Yeah.
Stefan & Caroline ~ “While You Were Sleeping”
↳ Looking at each other

"While You Were Sleeping"

Time to talk about this very important episode of The Vampire Diaries.


First of all, what a team! Caroline’s out looking for the antidote while Stefan’s babysitting. They figured out a way to ration the blood to keep Elena satiated. I swear, they’re the only two people with brains in this universe. Then she called him to deliver the bad news, but not without a silver lining, that’s Caroline Forbes for you. Their version of a lover’s spat in front of Enzo and Elena was priceless.

Things like the Travellers hiding in the wagons waiting for Stefan to arrive to make their ~big entrance~ will never not be ridiculously amusing to me. Also ridiculous: WHY ON EARTH would Enzo agree to be experimented on? He was trapped with Damon because of Wes and the Travellers in the first place, right? Sometimes this show makes absolutely no sense.

Anyway, Stefan agreed to do the linking spell, but Caroline wasn’t fond of the idea, actually, she’s “desperate” because she doesn’t want to lose Stefan again. Let that sink in. Also: he sees the silver lining that the negative outcome would have, which sounds suspiciously familiar to a previous conversation that he and Caroline had and I can’t.

She basically called him crazy for volunteering, and he countered that he would do it for her, which, NOBODY EVEN ASKED THAT AND HE SAID IT LIKE IT WAS NO BIGGIE, AND CAROLINE’S FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he started playing the scenario in which his brain’s fried, if that happened, she said that she would kill all the Travellers, this obviously screams of OTP but it’s also relevant because of what would come later. He foresaw her spiraling out of control after killing everyone, and then, then HE WANTED HER TO REMIND HIM THAT THEY’RE FRIENDS AND THEY MADE THE STUPIDEST FACES I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!! It’s painful to watch them being in love and married without them knowing.

Caroline stayed with Stefan because BESTIES support each other when their brains are about to get linked to their doppelganger’s. There were a series of shots of Stefan in pain while Caroline’s unable to watch it, which, FUCK MY LIFE. Caroline decided to put a stop to it, knife on Sloan’s throat to get her point across clearly, once they learned that the doppelganger is a paramedic in Atlanta. I fucking knew what her plan was, 100% not happy with it.

The shot of Caroline waiting for Stefan to wake up… PLEASE KILL ME. (BTW, how cold was it when they were shooting? They looked like they were freezing on all the location shots! There was also a lot of ADR done for those outside shots, which is a shame cause you can tell and I hate when that happens.)

Can we now talk about Stefan waking up with a sense of humour? When has Stefan ever joked in his vampire life? Caroline brings out the best of him. At the same time, there’s a second where you could see Caroline’s about to crumble because of him “not remembering” and it broke my heart. The significance of calling her Rebekah and Lexi? I really don’t wanna overthink it (you know that’s what I’m doing, even though I’m trying not to), he compared Caroline with the blondes of his past, which is interesting, but it might be way more important to point out that he left Kat and Elena out of it. Draw your own conclusions…

I thought a hug would’ve been nice, but she smacked him a bit instead. I’ll take whatever form of physical contact I can get when it comes to these two.

I adored Stefan being clueless about what he’d missed, I interpreted all of it as jealousy, you can’t talk me out of it. (He straight out said he didn’t trust Enzo, and even gave him a fabulous stink-eye as they were leaving before a worried look took over.)

She explained to him that she’d volunteered, like he had, because like he said, he’d do the same for her. WHY AREN’T YOU MARRYING THIS JUNE, AGAIN?

When stefan said he couldn’t “let her”, did he really think he could stop her? She was willing to kill all the Travellers to save him, well, guess what? Now she only has to kill one person…

Except, how on Earth is Caroline supposed to kill someone who looks like Stefan? Don’t get me wrong, the reason why it’s difficult is the reason why it’s easy, it’s one of those things. So I think she’s capable of doing it, but not without getting a whole lot of trauma out of it. That’s where Enzo comes into play, I think she called him because she thought that, if she cannot go through with it, then he probably will.

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carolinesnotbrokenjustbent asked:
I think it's Stefan. Caroline looks kinda... lost in that promo shot. I think she helps off the doppleganger and then has a guilt spiral when she gets home and Stefan is there with her trying to help her through it. /flops/

Yep, I think that could be. I thought she enlisted Enzo cause she knew that she wouldn’t be able to “deal with it” when “it” has Stefan’s face. In the promo, it looks like she’s the one who has to do it, so I can see her being shaken up, and Stefan being there for her, loveliness ensuing.


knives-and-lint replied to your post “Look at the tags off your screenshot. EVERYONE thinks it’s the doppelganger. :P”

Wan’t trying to party poop, I thought it was funny. Contextually it wouldn’t make sense for it to be the other guy.

I know you weren’t, you’re a grounding force, though.

knives-and-lint asked:
Look at the tags off your screenshot. EVERYONE thinks it's the doppelganger. :P

You’re a party pooper, you know that?

Caroline is strangling the doppelganger in the promo, or trying to, cause he wakes up, and Stefan’s still with the Travelers.

Stefan is either seeing all of it, including Caroline and his doppelganger in bed (which, why??), while they’re linked

OR paramedic!Stefan does die, Stefan is free, goes to Atlanta right on time to share some lovely times on a bed.

Either way, Stefan will be there, so it’s a win-win-win situation.


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Wendell is always asleep when shit does down in the steroline fandom. I can’t wait to see his reaction.

I messaged him, and now I should go to sleep myself, though my brain isn’t gonna shut up.


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yeah, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for it to be the doppelganger. but no trust, TVD. None. Either way, people are going to lose their shit next week.

I’m losing my shit presently…