Chris Evans making his Ice Bucket Challenge very much worth the wait


In lieu of the sudden onslaught of James/Juliet feelings that have come over me (oceanssapart), I’ve decided to channel the agony/joy/love/incomprehensible mess of feelings into something more productive! AKA, a blog dedicated to James and Juliet, both as a ship, and as individual characters (I’m a bit biased though, there’s going to be a lot more Juliet.) There’ll be fic recs, gifsets, graphics, vids, etc. A bunch of stuff pulled from like four/five years ago, maybe. I’ll also do my best to reblog meta/tag meta and the like. There’ll be at least one post everyday (hopefully - but I’ll do my best), they’re all loaded up in the queue. This is also sort of an attempt at reawakening the James/Juliet fandom that has been more or less dormant in the past like, two/three years?

Some parts of the blog are still under construction. I’ll get to them once I find the time, but for now: have fun, enjoy, rip your heart out, the usual when it comes to James and Juliet. Heh.

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This is check central. Every time we get the scene done, earn your money. Cash the check. So every time we finish a scene, it’s literally— we go to the producers and tell ‘em to ‘cut the check’.”

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friendly reminder that steve canonically dreams about bucky


Don’t let the bedbugs bite.


margosha777 Birthday boy. #wheninrome...#wearsuspenders

Happy 32nd Birthday Sebastian Stan!