Penn Badgley as Joel Larsen in Do Over Episode 7 - Halloween Kiss

Captain Lee, he didn’t make it. 

why would you do that? I just don’t get it.


knives-and-lint replied to your post: Why wasn’t Chloe the perfect girl for Clark?

The only ship we’ve ever had in common is Dan and Blair. Hahahaha. :D

You’re trying to say that Dair’s a miracle worker? :P

And I don’t want to dig on the implications of your statement…

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her son is not Ollie’s. End of discussion. I refuse to believe that. U_U

endofdiscussion? :P

But yeah, no effing way in hell! And to be honest, as much as I hate Chloe, I always wanted her to end up with the Apocalypse dude… they sorta ruined that, though, big time!

And I wanted Ollie/Kara, at least for a while, until Dinah’s time…

Why wasn't Chloe the perfect girl for Clark?

Is this question for real???

  1. She wasn’t Lois Lane. Clark Kent & Lois Lane go together, always and forever no matter what.
  2. Chloe was a manipulative bitch, she pretended to be his friend, but she was always trying to find what was in it for her.
  3. She tried to be in control of something that was WAY out of her league, but her gigantic ego wasn’t letting her brain cells work, which eventually lead to Jimmy’s death, something I will never forgive her for.
  4. Her whole “holier than thou” shit gets tiring really fast, her reluctance to ever admit she had done something wrong and pretend everyone else was at fault was I-want-to-spit-on-your-face-and-sink-your-feet-in-legos worthy.

I really don’t feel like continuing because the mere thought of her is rage-inducing and it’s too early for that, but just following her actions throughout the seasons are enough to see it. And no, she wasn’t good enough for Ollie either, and I will die claiming that her son was NOT Oliver’s and no one can prove me wrong.