I won’t say a word,
But I think he knows…


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Those were the CRAZY times!!

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I’m really hoping we get lots of Rae/Mum/Karim scenes in s2. Ian Hart is flawless. I also really like Chloe. There is so much hatred for her, but despite her flaws (and everyone on the show is flawed), she’s not a bad person. So happy you watched!

I’m happy I’ve watched it too :)

Aww, too bad people hate her, though I never cared much for people anyway.


No, I’m not.


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Awww Manu! So many hugs to you too my dear. I can’t remember if I wished you a Happy Birthday or not, so just in case, I hope that tomorrow is amazing for you! Have a belated birthday Friday! We really did have so much fun. Forever <3

"Awww" right back at you, thanks!

We had a blast, we can say that at least one very good thing came out of that shitshow. ♥

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thank you yes i miss you guys too and huggs <3

You’re welcome!!! <3

You can feel the light start to tremble,
Washing what you know out to sea.
You can see your life out the window… tonight.

Dair fic: “Violins” by Lint

Eleanor looks at him long enough to become uncomfortable.

The once judgmental glare softening under his assurance, that he’ll be with them in Blair’s corner, as this tragedy seems destined to play out.

“Keep talking like that Mr. Humphrey,” she says with the smallest hint of a smile. “And my daughter just might come out of this on her own two feet.”

Leaning forward slightly, in the mockery of a bow, he tries his best to return the smile before bidding her goodnight.


He writes twenty-three pages, drinks half a bottle of whiskey, and checks his phone fifty-six times before the night is through. Several missed calls and messages from his dad, one catty text from Serena, and nothing from Blair.

Which isn’t much of a surprise, transatlantic flights and coverage areas not withstanding, he doesn’t expect to hear from her for a few days at least. That doesn’t stop him from checking. From hoping that she isn’t as miserable as she looked getting into that car, from wishing a slew of Monte Cristoan revenge schemes on the prince.


The phone goes off on the counter next to his ear, he doesn’t remember falling asleep, one hand still perched on the keyboard and an empty glass just out of reach of the other. Not dad, or Serena, nor Blair. The credit card company calling to confirm that all the recent purchases weren’t of a fraudulent nature. Assurances that yes, he made those charges, come from a gravel lined throat as he moves to the fridge desperate for water.

Taking a healthy gulp, he wonders if Blair’s LaGuardia escape outfit found a place in a tucked away corner of one of her drawers, or if it ended up in the bottom of a garbage can as soon as she could get it off.


Alessandra reads the new pages with an eagerness he doesn’t know how to react to. After the initial surprise at the subject matter, the sequel the publishers wanted but they recoiled from.

“Who is this girl?” She asks, flipping page after page. “That makes these words come out of you like this?”

Dan laughs, scratching the back of his head and trying to figure out if it’s as rhetorical as it sounds.

“You definitely have something here,” she continues. “Keep it up and we can probably sell them on a multi book deal this time.”

His lips purse as he wonders if the constant ache of the unrequited is worth any literary notoriety. 


Blair finally sends a text.

Hate the feel of sand between my toes, but the sunset is beautiful. Oh, coconut rum is my new favorite thing.

He reads the message a dozen times before contemplating a reply.

How are you doing?

He imagines her strolling along a beach with a husband she doesn’t love, putting up fake smiles as the cameras snap away, and regretting every single second she must endure.

As well as can be expected.


Serena corners him at their parent’s house.

Still completely unwilling to let what he did for Blair go. It’s not her refusal to accept his feelings that’s confounding, but the outright denial that they exist at all. Or the ridiculous expectation that he return her own affections for no other reason than her having them.

Truth is, he hasn’t thought about her that way for quite some time, and with good reason. While he’s never held what she put him through a year ago against her, it keeps him from going down that road again.

“She’s married, Dan.” Serena says with arms crossed. “Sham it may be. Even if she wasn’t there’s Chuck. Then me and you. And I just-”

Though not quite reaching the breaking point as he did with Blair, he’s really not in the mood to deal with this.

“No,” he interrupts the point she so eagerly wants to make. “There isn’t a ‘me and you.’”


He sends Blair a message.

Watched Funny Face by myself and didn’t laugh once.

Her reply doesn’t come until morning.

I always knew you had issues Humphrey.


Sharing a beer with Nate because they haven’t seen each other since the wedding. He too busy wooing Lola and Dan tucked away in Brooklyn scribbling endless pages.

He keeps checking the door, expectant that Chuck will walk through any minute.

“Relax,” Nate says, noticing. “He’s got like, six meetings today, and won’t be back for hours.”

Dan nods taking a pull from his bottle. Though he and Chuck have easily fallen back into their thinly veiled tolerance for the sake of people they know so seamlessly, he didn’t mind the brief period where tolerance leaned more toward acceptance. Even if the familiarity of their social class tet-a-tet is easier to deal with than a one sided rivalry for Blair’s affection.

“So you and Blair, huh?” Nate asks, idly rolling the cue ball across the felt of the pool table.

Instinct tells him to deny. As it does with anyone who realizes how he feels. 

— knives-and-lint

Fanmail: Dair ficlet by Lint

He sends Blair a message: Watched Funny Face by myself and didn’t laugh once. 

Her reply doesn’t come until morning: I always knew you had issues, Humphrey.
— knives-and-lint
And to Lint I say thank you, but also:
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#I mean I would do things to that man# Yoooooo Manu. Yes. Yes. I agree. lmao. I nearly choked on my lemonade reading your tags. I'm so upset that this show ended. They could have at the very least given us 13 episodes. *cries*

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad I provided some laughter among all the tears because the darn CW is gorram stupid and only gave us SIX episodes!!!

They gave SIX SEASONS to freaking Gossip Girl, and Nikita, which is a million times better, only gets four seasons, I honestly don’t get the world at all. They should’ve given it AT LEAST another full season…

Anonymous asked:
I just went through all 74 pages of your gossip girl tag. I think you're awesome. <3

Aww, that’s so nice of you, thank you! Kinda crazy too cause that’s A LOT of pages!

Do I really have 74 pages dedicated to Gossip Girl?


minaviendha said:i think i’ll choose to believe he acted like that because he just put himself in front of sara because of the gun, if not it’ll be too painful :(

Awww, I didn’t now you were such a Shado fun! Let’s hope they somehow manage to bring her back!

In the moment we’re lost and found…
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you know what I don't get? what were Penn and Leighton doing in those pictures of them outside a library? that wasn't them filming IIRC. I don't remember seeing any library in Season 6, or those outfits for that matter. sorry for the totally random question. I'm just looking through some of your older posts :P

Haha, no worries! (though allsome of those posts are terrible, I should burn them!)

I think they were walking to set, so fans were allowed in that area which happened to have a library around, and so they took those pics in there. I remember those were the first we got that season, which was effing hilarious after the 5x24 fiasco, so they were probably shooting the scenes from 6x01 at Serena’s boyfriend’s party (whose name I don’t remember… B-something?)