Tyrion :’( I was almost sure he’d die when he had that scene with Shae saying she was his and he was hers, and Shae couldn’t even say goodbye. And that coward Joffrey is probably hiding under the covers of his bed in his chambers while Tyrion died in the field, and it’s not fair! He planned the wildfire and the attack from behind, and all the assholes Lannisters get to live and keep the Iron Thron. I hope Robb will kill them all.

The only good thing is that Sansa’s going to escape with Clegane! Finally!

The song at the end…

Obligatory: no Jon Snow :(

**Up to this point it was a normal review, from here on, I mostly liveblogged. And since I was writing as I was watching, it’s a bit messy and fangirly and crazy, so beware**

"Valar Morghulies"

OMG Tyrion is alive and Sansa stayed? WHAT THE FUCK? She was so happy that stupid Joffrey wanted Marjorie and then Littlefinger had to open his mouth. He better help her alright!

Brianne showed those man and Jaime what she’s capable of. <3

Robb talking to Cat <3 but Filch’s gonna be mad…

OMG Theon… no words. You were never captain of that ship, and you’re an idiot.

Tyrion and Shae :’) please be happy forever!!!

OMG ROBB MARRIED TALISA? OMG if she’s a traitor, please don’t be a traitor, please, please, please, don’t be! Ugh, I feel like no one can be trusted!!! She better be good, she better be! It’ll be bad enough once Filch finds out.

Arya wants to go to her family, even Sansa <3 And the man can change his face… okay, seen weirder things on this very same show.

Osha is going to The Wall with the little ones!


Ygritte was playing with Jon’s sword (not an euphemism), hitting him, like she was five, and she wanted him to talk to her. Then Jon had to fight, and it was so sad, but he had to do it, baby :’( Ygritte said to come along and was looking at him all hearts in her eyes <3 There are soooo many Wildlings!!

oh my god Khaleesi, she’s got it all, not sure if this is good or bad… I guess good, she can kill all Lannisters (except Tyrion) and keep the stupid Iron Throne.

omg Sam omg the White Walkers. omg, no Bran they can’t go there. OMG, and why did he have white hair, was he like a Taegeryan, what? what? what? what? oh no hiatus no I hate it! make it go away!!!


"The Prince of Winterfell"

Ygritte saved Jon back, they’re even, he couldn’t do it… oh, these two! “Your little savage girl,” the way she was looking at him <3 But he has to spy on them, and that’s a dangerous game.

Sam found that cloak and dragon glass, and he knows Jon’s alive :D

Arya, she needs to do something, to let Robb know! She has to go with Gendry! LOL and later on, that they did! Yay for them! 

Theon’s an idiot, though I liked the story of when he was a baby, but he’ll likely die far from the sea… I knew the Little Starks were alive, he wouldn’t kill them.

It was sad to see Robb so mad at Cat, but she had it coming. I hope Brianne will kill Jaime, stupid man.

Robb and Talisa FTW!! I really hope she wasn’t lying with her story and that she’s not a traitor, but I couldn’t help but doubt. I think it was an episode of Lie to Me that had a 101 on How to Tell a Good Lie, and her whole story fitted the script.

Oh god, Shae! I knew it wasn’t gonna be her, but I didn’t even think of Ros. I LOLed at “we don’t have enough books.” I’m sure Tyrion will think of something, with the wildfire and such. It’d be poetic, god of the light and all, burned to the ground. And I do hope Tyrion gets his revenge on Cersei. Ugh, Cersei, you deserve to root in a dungeon. Maybe Dany can burn the Undying house to hell and get her dragons, since she doesn’t burn and all.

206 and 207

"The Old Gods and the New"

YGRITTE!!!!!!! OMG I SHIP IT SO HARD!!!!!!!!!! He caught her, a wild thing, and then he couldn’t kill her, and then they were keeping each other warm. I SHIP IT WITH THE FIRE OF ALL BURNING SUNS!!!

Theon, no! You are an idiot! But L O L at him and Osha, saw it coming a thousands leagues away! And they’ve escaped! So yay yay yay!!! I knew she was Bran’s friend for something :D

LOL at Cat’s face seeing Robb talking to ~Lady Talisa. I do hope she’s not actually a spy. Robb and Theon, tho , they’re no bros no mo’ :(

Oh Sansa! Yay for Clegane, he’s always looking after her! And the handmaiden’s right to tell her not to trust anyone, but I was so happy that she said that she hates stupid Joffrey. Wish the crowd had killed him.

Oh Arya, another name… that was so close, but damn Littlefinger knows.

The dragons are gone! Now, who did it?

"A Man Without Honor"

Jon! Oh shit, Ygritte, could you not, could you just, you know, let him free or something? And they were having such interesting conversations: bones and stones; prisoners and freedom; lands and ancestors. She said he’s “a pretty lad” and I finally know where “You know nothing, Jon Snow” comes from! Never would’ve guessed what that was about…

We may as well just…
What, right here in the muck?

Such romantic dialogue, these two, it screams OTP.

Arya seems to be warming up to Tywin, which is bad, but he likes her as well. UGH, and I hope he doesn’t have her figured out, I mean, he doesn’t cause he’d have done something, but he’s damn close to knowing.

Robb’s going to the Crag, and if word got out, won’t Filch find out? GAH, the way he looks at her… I hope she’s not a traitor.

Daenerys got into huge trouble, and Sansa, oh, someone really needs to get her out! Jaime’s the worst still, I just hated him talking about Jon and Ned. And I’m worried that Cat freed him or something stupid. I really liked Cersei and Tyrion doing some insight, she shouldn’t have created that monster.

That’s not them, those aren’t the Staks that Theon has. He’s lying cause he couldn’t find them, I know it. 

"What Is Dead May Never Die"

Jon’s alright! His face’s a bit damaged, but he’s okay! The Commander knew all along. Gilly and Sam tho… he better come back!

Bran keeps having his dreams, and Cat may have just made a new friend. Renley has quite a lot of men, hope he’ll help! And what’s having a kid to do with his fake marriage?

Theon has to choose Robb! He has to! It has to be a lie, he cannot just abandon him :(

Sansa’s got a handmaiden, and she’s Tyrion’s friend, so this has to be good! And yay for Tyrion getting rid of the scum.

YES ARYA, YES, she saved Gendry (sorta :P)! They need to get away from those Royal assholes. Yoren, though :(

"Garden of Bones"

No Jon :(

Robb <3 His face, his smile, what is it made off?

I hate Joffrey so. much. Ugh, disgusting little dictator pig asshole. Sansa needs out now! Tyrion is the cleverest of them all :D

Ned :(( Cat shouldn’t listen to Littlefinger. He needs to go away!

Arya and Gendry :(( Good that Tywin arrived and saved him, but Arya can’t be his cup-bearer!

Daenerys was let in on Qarth and the ginger woman gave birth to something that’s not a baby. I don’t like where that’s going.

"The Ghost of Harrenhal"

JON is asking if anyone could survive, and she is out there, isn’t she? *squeee* He’s joining the Rangers, he’s gonna find her! And his bromance with Sam is the best.

Renley was killed by that thing. Shouldn’t come off as a suprise, we saw magic with Drogo, and the Dragons are back too… Littlefinger keeps playing his game, and now that Marjorie wants to be THE Queen.

Arya’s doing well at spying and lying, and she still finds time to teach Gendry how to stand for a fight. She’s got two more lives to take, thanks to her friend. I’ve always liked her and Jorah more than her and Drogo, so squee at her finally realising the obvious.

Wildfire… I don’t think that’ll end well. And on the fire subject, will the fire of  Khaleesi’s dragons open the door, so she can get all the gold without marrying that man?

I really like Cat and Brienne’s friendship! Same with Bran and Osha’s. So, a tsunami is coming?

Jon :’(

Craster hit Jon because he saw him leaving the baby for a White Walker to take. OMG, I can’t believe I have to go to sleep! UGH, this is the worst, my boy and that horrible man who kills babies… is killing babies the theme of the season? It’s not pretty.

OK, let’s focus on the SHIPS! And not the ones that float.

Sam wanted to help Gilly, and that was so cute, but they really should just kill Craster. He’s awful. He hit Jon. I hate him so much. I can’t!!! I’m scared!!

Everyone knows that Joffrey’s after Gendry and that’s bad, but is it terrible if I say that I’ve been shipping Arya and Gendry? I mean, how could I not when they were going together and Sansa’s face alone discovering that Arya’d be queen would be worth it? And he knows she’s a girl, and he mocks her calling her a lady! And it’s great because she was always being called “boy” and she hated it, and he’s calling her “lady”!! And they both hate Joffrey, or well, he’s going to… Ugh, I’m going to hell, aren’t I? I’m not sure what to make of it, if we are suppose to see them as brother and sister or not. But I bet he’s supposed to be younger than he really is. And also, brothers and sisters on this show? They don’t have a regular brother and sister relationship anyway.

I mean, Theon, ewww, ask her name next time! Stannis has got a pirate, and he’s also got a brain and exposed Cersei and Jaime’s deeds to everyone, Daenerys’s got one less man, and Littlefinger’s got a hole where his heart should be, and he’s still being an ass.

I’ve got to sleep now, but tomorrow… that Craster better die, slowly and painfully.

"The North Remembers"

In which Jon Snow gets into trouble because he’s pretty. I don’t think I can add anything to this. But that man with all the daughters/wives is a creep, what does he do with his sons? And Cassie!!! Oh Jon, please do not look at them, I really like your eyes, they’re gentle, so I’d like you to keep them.

THEY KILLED A BABY!!! And they know where Gendry is going, and Arya’s there!!! I hope he gives his helmet to someone else so he and Arya can stay safe. He could also lose it in the way, but we all know that’s unlikely, and someone else has to be killed in his place so that he can stay alive. 

Robb’s doing so well, KING IN THE NORTH, Ned would be proud. I liked his scene with stupid Jaime. Bran keeps having dreams, guess we’ll know what it means by the finale. Nat Tena’s still his friend, so that’s good, and she knew what the comet meant! (I was too emotional to mention much at all after the beheading, but Filch’s a Lord, how about that? And Robb and Arya are to marry his offsping D:)

I do not like the ginger woman at all, but hopefully Cat will convince Robert’s brother to join Robb. And Daenerys!!! She’s got dragons but no food :( She’s got to join Robb as well!

Basically: everyone vs. Lannisters, that’s what I want. Best of all is that everyone’s learning the truth about the asshole they call Joffrey. Tyrion has to go against his family, he has to! He saw what Sansa’s been reduced to :(

OK, I think I’ll watch one more before sleeping because I gotta get up early tomorrow.