Holy sh*t!

THAT’S THE END OF THE FIRST SEASON??? What awaits me at the end of the second one?? I’m scared.

I just… Jon left and then came back (Sam reminds me of Neville :P), and now he’s out there, and they aren’t waiting. And that’s clever, because fighting in the winter, that couldn’t be any good, and he’s got the sword. He’ll be okay, he just has to. And OTP’s coming, so excited!!

Arya!!! She’s with Robert’s son, and she’s going to the Wall, but Jon’s left, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen with her, and she has to pretend to be a boy!!! And I couldn’t help but think how it’s really cold where she’s going and she doesn’t have a coat!

Daenerys lost the baby and Drogo, but then DRAGONS!!! ACTUAL DRAGONS!!! I saw it coming when she first put the eggs on the coal some episodes back, but DRAGONS! What’s she gonna do with them??

Joffrey made Sansa watch, and he made a man hit her. And you know what I remembered? I remembered that, I don’t know how along ago, I saw some gifs with his face, he was sitting on the throne. And I laughed because he looked damn stupid. I thought to myself “what kind of show has that kid being the king of anything?” Well, now I know first impressions are right, he doesn’t just look stupid, and I want him to die a slow, painful death. I don’t remember when was the last time I ever hated any character like I hate him. Painful. Death. Nothing else will do.

Robb and Cat :’( and Bran and the littlest one had those premonitory dreams :( But Nat Tena is friends with him, that’s good :D Yeah, not much things on the bright side…. and I do have to work on some Grammar assignments tomorrow. But maybe it’s good, to put some time between seasons and all. OK, that’s a lie, I need Jon Snow so I’ll rush through those assignments so I can start season 2 ASAP.


image blanana replied to your post: Game of Thrones

lol your reviews/recaps are fantastic

Haha, glad you’re enjoying!

image knives-and-lint replied to your post: They killed him, that son of a bitch, killed…

There, there. There, there.

Why are you being Sheldon :P *hugs*

image dairingoriental replied to your post: They killed him, that son of a bitch, killed…

I know. I was shit-faced with tears when that happened. it’s horrible.

It was! I didn’t even know I had it in me to be so sad about it. Guess nothing makes the heart grow fonder like someone’s head being chopped off. But it’s not about him entirely, I mean, all the Starks and my Jon :’( Damn the Lannisters, damn them to all seven hells!!