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Shameless: ARCHIE MORRIS!!!!!!!! I even did a happy dance when he showed up, and I don’t care that he’s not actually playing Morris, he is to me. I WAS SO HAPPY, ER love for life (Chicago shows are some of the best shows). Fiona’s out, but it was so painful, and Lip was so mad, and seeing Liam in the hospital… This show is as good as it is cruel.

Kings: I’ve just finished episode 7, and it’s almost like a Winter Soldier preview, and I had so many feels!!!!!!!!!!! Still can’t help but ship Jack and David, the guy that loved Jack thought something was up, so why can’t I? Jack even had that fit after the club girl said that David was in love with Michelle… I love the way this was filmed, it’s really pretty, and I like the thematic unity in every episode.

My Mad Fat Diary: So good to have the gang back! SPOILERS for episodes 1 and 2:

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knives-and-lint replied to your post: Agreed. Stupid show. Stupid, stupid, STUPID show.

Is it bad I don’t even remember?

It’s so bad, I’m gonna ignore you even said this (jk!)

wahhh it’s just such great character development, watching a good man transform into something dark and borderline evil.

It’s a bold move, to have your main character become the villain of the story. It’s definitely something I hadn’t seen before. I love this show so much, I’m now sad that I’ve joined so late in the game!


In entirely unrelated news, for whatever reason, YouTube decided to restore the audio on some of my SUPER old videos, which I only just realised by chance. I was just rewatching them and getting ALL THE REELA FEELS EVER!!!!!!!

(also getting second hand embarrassment because they were so cheesy and terrible, and my song choices…*facepalm* but REELA!!!!)


I have one very important question: what is it with writers and Shane West losing limbs? The moment Anne pulled out the knife I KNEW what was gonna happen, and as she and Nikita were fighting, I couldn’t help but think FUCK THIS SHIT NOT AGAIN WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???!!!!!

Reading an interview with Shane talking about Michael taking a step back from missions, and staying more in Division, was also a big hint that something was going to happen to Michael. Why else would he stop fighting in the field? Really wish I hadn’t read it, but THAT, of all the things that could have happened, was not cool coming from the trauma that ER had caused.

And to think that I’d chosen to watch Nikita before Fringe because I thought it’d be a light episode before getting into the heaviness of a series finale, but LOL, nope.

I did love all about Birkhoff and Sonya, I loved Niki saying that she knew she liked her, I loved that Amanda wanted personal dirt instead of meddling in their missions, I loved how Niki kicked ass.

And I LOVED the Malex bits. I used to ship them a bit harder than Mikita during the first half or so of the first season. But once Mikita happened (which was way faster than I thought it would), it was pretty clear that Malex wasn’t going to.

I remember reading Shane saying that, paraphrasing here, anything romantic between Michael and Alex would cheapen Mikita and Michael as a person. He was absolutely right, and that sort of closed my mind on the Malex chapter. I guess we all know that to be truth in every single triangle situation, but with Nikita it was different because Nikita and Alex as friends are just as, or even more, important than Nikita and Michael as lovers. So, while Alex and Michael have their history, in a show like Nikita, them being romantically involved would have effectively ruined Alex and Niki’s friendship, which would have ruined the series. 

I kept loving Michael and Alex as friends, whenever they were given the chance to interact as such. And last night definitely had that. I was relieved that Nikita learned about Alex’s relapse because when are secrets a good idea? Never, that’s when. Sonya’s and Seymour’s faces seeing the pic was pretty funny, though, as was Nikita pulling their strings during the fake date. Which brings me to their awkwardness, which was hilarious, and to the kiss, which was beautifully shot, and hot, without feeling like they were enjoying it too much. I’m glad that Malex shippers got that, and I think, as one of them, that it was enough.

Now comes a dark period with Michael, Nikita, and the gang dealing with what happened, and finding a way to go on. I hope it’ll also involve Owen and Alex spending a lot of time together, more of Birkhoff’s awesomeness, and more Alex and Nikita teaming up. While it wasn’t Amanda’s fault, not entirely, I don’t think that’ll stop Nikita from wanting to find her even more than before, and I do wonder what repercussions it’ll have on Amanda, and what’ll be her next move. So many possibilities and, thankfully, lots of episodes to go!

I randomly ended up at your blog and realized you changed your layout... It's lovely. But what's the loveliest is your AWESOME sidebar gif... ROOMIES! Love it so much!

Thanks, thanks but I KNOW!!! I mean, I get feels just writing this because THE ROOMIES, and only a few understand what that means, so LET ME LOVE YOU!!!!

(I’ve had it with Photoshop being stupid so I downloaded a thingy to screencap vids, and I just HAD to gif that scene. It’s perfect timing considering it’s almost Halloween, but it’s also THAT scene and my babies and please send help!)

Some movies I’ve watched and now I wanna talk about:

Wild Target

Some very funny moments, and such a talented cast. I just love Rupert so much, and everyone was perfect. I particularly enjoyed Martin, he’s always the good guy for me (John in Love Actually and Tim in The Office), so it was pretty funny to see him playing the bad guy. 

It still felt like something was missing, maybe it was slow at times, but there was something going on all the time, so I’m not sure what was that didn’t fully convince me.

Damsels in Distress

I stumbled upon it by mere chance, and the movie is so weird, just really odd, but it has great moments too. It features THREE Gossip Girl actors, but out of them I only recognized Hugo, whose part in it, I can’t even describe it, he’s just so weird! Epperly looks so un-Epperly, I knew I knew her, particularly her voice, but I didn’t really place her till I IMDBed the movie. And I do not remember who Melanie was on season 3,Chuck’s mummy issues episodes are the worse.

Can we talk about Greta Gerwig now? That girl is outstanding! I was rooting for Violet so badly! I’m not particularly into Adam Brody, but he was really good in it. I loved her soap bits, she’s just so adorably insane! Anyway, her awesomeness took me to her IMDB page, which in turn lead me to…

No Strings Attached

I was going to watch this because of Jake, but then Greta was in it too, so I had to watch it.

The movie was good enough, quite funny, and just better than I expected because I really don’t care for Natalie and Ashton, NEGL. So I obviously wish they’d done more with the supporting cast, not just Jake and Greta, but Mindy as well. And the bits in the studio were hilarious, Lake Bell is fantastic!

I guess the movie is kind of not okay if you do believe that the sex buddies arrangement could work. Like, of course they were going to end up together, but I’m not sure that was right, or, in particular, I don’t know if the development from one thing to the other was okay. But I don’t care as much as to dedicate another line to it. :P

Friends with Kids

Such great cast, and a great movie! They won me at the ER mention, to be entirely honest :P

Again, if you think that Harry was wrong, and a man and a woman can be friends, and only friends, then maybe the ending isn’t the best. But I thought it was a great movie, and it built to it nicely.

Chris is so good, I adored him in Bridesmaids, and adored him again here. And Adam was breaking my heart a bit at the end! I may have to hurry with Parks!


Neela and Ray -  ER 15x05 “Haunted”

Warning: if you like Grey’s Anatomy, you should skip this

We had a video session in Language today, and we watched the first episode of season 2. I was so. not. amused. It was worse than I thought it would be, I’m not even joking, I suffered through those 42 minutes, and it was enough to last a lifetime.

Honestly, it’s not even a “Team ER" thing, GA is just the worst! The ONLY thing I liked about the whole show was O’Malley. Everything else was plain bad. There were TWO cases, and both felt ENTIRELY disregarded and incomplete because they had to fit them in between doctors hooking up, and being stupid. They barely explained anything about them, the procedures lasted about five seconds, and there was no actual connection established with the patient they didn’t know. 

On top of all the suckage, I had to endure a jab at ER, so I was boiling. I found comfort chuckling at the thought that someone’ll eventually sleep with a GHOST (!!!), and that the Meredith actress is over it. So I managed to keep my mouth shut, and I just waited for this hell to end.


Ray: Finally. You really here?
Neela: Yeah. I really am.