Once Upon a Time

I’m so completely in love with Once Upon a Time, as soon as my sister gets here, I’ll talk her into watching it.

But why did they have to kill Graham??? I knew it was gonna happen, and it was still so damn sad! He was raised by wolves and he killed Bambi’s mum and cried about it. Why so perfect? But OMFG Jamie cannot cry because I cry!!! I’ll miss his face, I hope he comes back in flashbacks.

ARCHIE!! OMG I love him sooo much! And those puppets had looked weird since the beginning, so I was expecting them to come up because the camera had lingered there, but that was so creepy and sad! But PONGO! HIS DOG IS PONGO! I KNEW IT!!!

Snow and Charming/Mary and David need to be left alone by Abigail and Regina!!! I looooove the flashbacks, but OMFG she actually drank that and now she won’t remember!!! And Emma told Mary that Henry thinks she’s her mother :’) Rumpel-something’s back story is sad, but he was such a fool and he got so evil, I can’t be too sorry for him. And I know people ship him and Belle, and I haven’t seen her on the show yet, but it’s so hard to wrap my mind around that pairing, I’m looking forward to try and get it. Also: Emilie ♥

So many little LOST things, like the Apollo bars and the Mac Cutcheon whiskey, but holy smoke monster! The whole premise of OUaT is basically LOST and the sideways world!!! When Charming said he remembered everything, and then Graham seeing flashbacks after kissing Emma… MY HEART!!!

The new stranger in town: I LOVE that actor from ER, and I guessed correctly that it was a typewriter thanks to Downton Abbey. Still wondering how does he fit into the story -pun totally intended-, and how come he was able to get out if it’s true that he’d been there already. Is he ~special like Emma?

Other familiar faces in the cast: 


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This show is amazing, keep watching! You’ll be surprised how much better it gets. (:

It already started amazing, and it does get better and better! I can already feel it ruining my life.

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