Dair season 5 notes

Cyrus/Dan Story

509-510: Blair struggling with Chuck v. Louis. Chuck shows up at wedding, but Blair is already gone…she ran away from the wedding with Dan, the person she realizes she really feels safe with.

501-511 Blair/Dan General

Back half is Chuck v. Dan for Blair. 

Dan is embarrassed that his feelings for Blair got published. He feels rejected by her. Meanwhile, she has to deal with the fact that the book portrays her as having feelings she claimed not to, but knows she secretly did.

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    this note just kills me, seeing this, than remembering what actually happened on the show. its like there was some...
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  11. erinn-r said: "can have all the pussy he wants, but he just wants Blair." So eloquent. But ugh, the Cyrus/Dan story is something I would have wanted to see!
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    Gossip Girl Dan: 50 shades of fails