Is Chuck Bass the Ultimate Bad-Boy of TV?

We couldn’t help but get excited when we came across this recent poll on The website is running a competition to see who you think is the baddest bad-boy of television, and the Upper East Side’s favorite troublemaker is high on the list. That’s right, we’re talking about none other than the infamous Chuck Bass.

This Mother-Chucker has already made it past some tough competition. The pool started out with 64 sinful studs, including the blood-sucking hottie Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries, but has since been narrowed down to just four people!

Forget the straight and narrow path! Take a stroll with Chuck down memory lane and relive some of his most notorious moments–just in case you need a reminder of why Chuck Bass is TV’s Ultimate Bad Boy.

Meet Chuck.

We’ve watched Chuck Bass evolve from a teenaged sexual predator to a mere womanizing adult billionaire. But who can forget how he made his grand entrance onto the Upper East Side in the pilot episode, when he attempted to take advantage of both Serena and Jenny!

He’s not so good with advice.

While Blair was dealing with her tough breakup with Nate, Chuck made sure he was there to console her… and convince her to perform on stage at his burlesque club… and to lose her virginity to him in the back of his limousine. These events may have set the foundation for one of TV’s best romances, but they sure weren’t the nicest things to do with your best friend’s ex!

He isn’t a fan of commitment.

After making plans to spend a summer together in Italy, Chuck changed his mind and left poor Blair at the airport all alone.

He is overly attached to material possessions.

Remember that time he traded his girlfriend to his own uncle to get his hotel back?

He’s a little bit impulsive.

When his girlfriend arrived a few minutes late to meet him at the Empire State Building, he decided to just sleep with one of his friend’s little sisters.

He doesn’t take rejection well.

When Chuck found out that Blair and Louis were getting serious, he decides to handle it by getting drunk and embarrassing Blair in front of Louis’ mother. Later, after Blair tells Chuck about her engagement to Louis, a drunken Chuck reverts back to his old way and tries to force himself on Blair, while pushing her down and smashing a glass window right next to her face.

He doesn’t like taking the back seat to anyone.

After his recently resurrected daddy takes back Bass Industries and tells Chuck that his love for Blair makes him weak, Chuck rejects Blair and her love, telling her he doesn’t “Want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf.” A little harsh, huh Chuck?

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