"everybody dies alone"


Ugh this episode!!! WHY????


lightninginme08 answered your question: Firefly

Random person here BUT Netflix has them in the right order. IMDB does not. Fox aired them in the wrong order *sigh*

Hey random person! No Netflix for me, but I found a site where they are listed in order, so it’s all good :D

tulabear answered your question: If you take sexual advantage of her, you’re going…

They’re up there. People who text or use their phones are even worse.

People who don’t turn off their phones are on a different level of asshole-ry, but it’s less likely to happen. Last time I went to the movies, to watch Margin Call, there was a man whispering things to the person he was with, it was SO freaking annoying!! He wouldn’t stop, me and my sis shushed him up left and right!

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