Shows I hate: Angel

I hate it so much. So much, so so much!!!

It’s not like I bought it, because everything was too fucking perfect, and I know better than that.

I know everything is dark, and sad, and horrible, and hard, and it was all too suspiciously fairytale-y to be real: Angel and Cordy together, Connor being fine with that, and all besties with Angel, and, hell, Wes and Gunn highing fives was overkill, something HAD to be wrong! But I just… UGH I HATE THIS SHOW!!!! SO FUCKING MUCH. I HATE IT. And Angelus evil laughing to close the episode was just the worst.

I hate this show.

  1. kaytstevens said: vrniaghuaerwtyhjet. I know. I hated the end. -_- I hated what happened in the last season, what happens to Fred. ALL OF IT OKAY. I HATED IT TOO. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
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