Smallville Memories | Erica Durance & Tom Welling:
↳ What’s your favorite season of Smallville?
"I have always enjoyed the episodes where Lois and Clark are investigating something, and they’re together and there’s a lot of stuff going on, and there’s a lot of banter, and there’s a bit of humor, and they spice it up with a little bit of everything. Those are my personal favorites, when I’m doing it, as an actress. Now, to sit back and watch it – because I also love the Superman mythology – I like to see him be so iconic. A prime example is in our 200th episode, when Clark is in the elevator with his Superman self. I freaked out. I went up to him and I was like, “Oh, my god!” It was fantastic! He had the phrasing down, and it almost sound old-fashioned. He just flawlessly went into this thing and I got excited, as a fan.” - Erica Durance

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!


Even fucking Red Skull shipped it, it’s not even funny, it’s just painful. It all started with Little Bucky being Cap’s sidekick and saying funny shit, until Cap told him to stay back, which was never going to happen because they’re partners, and it went downhill from there because Bucky sacrificed himself and Steve got frozen. Somebody thought: why not elevate the pain level by making Bucky’s name both the last thing Steve said before freezing and the first as soon as he woke up? Steve was wondering where Bucky was, and it wasn’t until Steve was shown his and Bucky’s memorial that he decided to stop fighting The Avengers… That didn’t stop him from hoping that Bucky had survived like he did, and my heart broke when Tony shot that down and Steve just walked out, leaving his shield behind, to later on angst over a picture of Buck and him.

When the Cosmic Cube happened, I could only hope, and then Steve was all, “I wouldn’t change anything,” and it was so transparent, and then BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHIP IS MADE OF TEARS AND PAIN because Steve literally wished Bucky back, out of all the things and all the people. If that’s not OTP enough for you, let’s talk a little bit about Steve being ~tempted by death up until the point where he realised Bucky wasn’t there. Am I laughing, or am I crying? I’m crying, this is the worst, send help.

I made some inhuman noise when Winter Soldier first showed up. I JUST COULD NOT. When they FINALLY SAW EACH OTHER, THIS SHIP IS SO PERFECT, THEY JUST BANTERED LIKE THE BOYFRIENDS THEY ARE. Steve KNEW and was looking like a freaking puppy when not looking “fascinated” as hell because of the Winter Soldier’s “moves” (I can’t even begin to deal, alright?).

They took turns saving each other, and Steve went after him, and saved him again cause Bucky’s what’s important to him. Pain reached maximum level when seeing what had happened to Bucky after his fall. Of course he was screaming Cap’s name, of course. Back in present day, they teamed up “just like old times,” except “this time, no one gets left behind.”

Red Skull knew Steve wouldn’t be able to resist his “dear Bucky,” and he shipped it so hard he actually wanted them to be frozen together forever like the crazy fanboy he was. Stucky beat the fucker like the good team they were, “NOT WITHOUT YOU, partner,” and why did I watch this? WHY?

All of their dialogue ranged from “gay for each other” to “actually married,” no one can argue with me on this. They were talking through the coms, like saps, with Steve telling Buck to come back with him, that he couldn’t just let him walk out. Bucky seemed to have pulled on another dissappearing act, but he did not leave without saying goodbye, and it was adorable.

I guess TPTB knew the finale was gonna be the last one and they decided to make everyone return, which was great, but I wish there had been time for Stucky to interact in the finale. Their story’s unresolved and not, I feel like “Winter Soldier” more than hinted at a hopeful resolution for the two of them, but I wish I’d gotten to see that resolution. I’m also curious as to what was going to happen with Steve’s soul, I just know Bucky would have been thrilled to learn about that arrangement…

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She doesn’t say “I love you" like a normal person. Instead, she’ll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile and say, "You’re an idiot.”

What were your inspirations, especially since [Tauriel] is a completely created character; what brought you to bring that power because there were a lot of ways you could have played that role that would have been along the lines of what we usually see for a girl in an action movie where she’s not in the adventure, she’s the prize…?

How are you gonna get Cap interested in fighting Ultron when he should be consumed with finding Bucky?
The fact is Ultron is a clear present danger, and Bucky is in the wind. And we do mention the fact that that’s his sort of primary thing but he’s also working with The Avengers too. We’re not ignoring it but he definitely has to deal with a mad 8-foot robot… ‘cause that’s one of those things, you know, you put it off, and it just gets worse.

Joss Whedon

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

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