We used to be best buddies,

But now we’re not.

I wish you would tell me why…


"I need to remember.”


get to know me meme: (5/5) television shows - shameless

people fuck up. that’s life. family is supposed to be forever. they’re supposed to take care of you regardless what you do. that’s the whole point, otherwise why bother?

Part of what made your Captain America run great, and the Winter Soldier reveal itself so great, was the focus on secrets. It wasn’t just a secret of who the Winter Soldier was; the more important mysteries were how the Winter Soldier came to be. And with film, it’s easy to look at the cast list and find reveals of who is who. Do you think the suspense and backstory have more weight than simple reveals?

Ed Brubaker: I think so, if they’re good, yeah. The thing about the movie is, it works because it’s not about keeping Winter Soldier’s secret from the audience, it’s about keeping it secret from Steve Rogers. So they get to have it both ways. And it’s also not the most important thing in the movie, so there’s lots of other misdirections and shocks around it. It’s just the thing that gets to the heart of Cap.

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fucking chuckistans…

LMAO!! There are various groups of crazies in the fandom, let’s hope they’ll all stay the fuck away.