Hello! Could you maybe link me to the video of this post /post/88206554915/ please? :) I'd love to watch it.

Sure thing, here :)

The Avengers + Colours

get to know me meme: [1/15] pairings → lois and clark

"Oh, we’re friends now?" 

"Well, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t."

Captain America Stars Discuss Why The Ladies Should See The Film

friends meme: 1/4 friendships · monica and rachel

"I just didn’t know where to go, and I know that you and I have kind of drifted apart, but you’re the only person I know who lives here in the city."

I like the MOTHER photoset you reblogged :D Did you see Penn's tweet where he said no one cares about his band? :(

He’s great there, though I’d love an acoustic version of “Easy” (concert vids don’t count cause the quality of the ones I’ve seen wasn’t great, and they’re never clean like a studio version).

Oh, I think he knows some people do give a shit, hence the winky face. :)

It reminded me of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, and I had a chance to see that very up close and personal in someone I knew. That’s what that scene was. Watching someone go through Alzheimer’s you see them struggle to understand why they’re feeling what they’re feeling. They have glimpses of things they don’t completely get, so they’re very confused. They’re also extremely violent, they can be very violent. They can go from ‘You’re familiar’ to ‘You’re a threat to me’ - immediately. It’s hard. I just thought, for me, that character, when I was reading him on paper, very much reminded me of someone who, unfortunately, was struggling to understand what he feels and what he’s thinking.  Sebastian Stan


#is this a movie or a fashion show (inspired by sebastianstoned's tag)

¡Hola Manu! Me llamo Mar. Vengo de Shanghai. Me gusta mucho tu gif de Sebastian Stan. ¿Puedo transmitir tu gif a SINA WEIBO?

Hola, Mar :)

Sí, claro que podés.